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Frequently Asked Questions


Last updated July 09, 2020

Q) Why does it seem so expensive?

  • All Tracks have the choice of purchasing:
       - MP3 - Cheapest and is the price reflected on the main pages. Mp3 is not for audiophiles as it is a compressed format, all mp3's sold are 320kbps (Cheapest)
       - FLAC - This is the next best option for price, it gives you full quality and lower size than .wav but is a less common format unless audio engineering. (Second Cheapest)
       - WAV - This is the best quality and the largest in price. This is good enough to use in your next set (Second most expensive)
       - All Formats - Of course, if you are a collector, then you will want to get hold of all formats. (Most expensive)

Q) What payments do you accept?

  • We accept both Paypal and Credit / Debit cards(using secure checkout with SquareUp)
  • There is no other way of paying currently.

Q) How long does it take for me to get my download?

  • It should appear instantly in your downloads section of My Account after successfully completing a purchase.

Q) What do you mean by formats

  • Tracks are sold with 4 formats, *.mp3, *.wav, *.flac or all Formats. Purchasing a format is done by selecting the format from a dropdown on the product page. 
  • There are different prices per format based on the sound quality you get.

Q) Do we recieve the CD or box art with the purchase?

  • If available, we will provide the the CD Covers and inlays if we have them.
  • Singles will not have the art content and will only have the audio track in the format purchased.

Q) How do i download my purchased music?

  • You can download your audio from your "My Account > Downloads", it will display the product purchased with a download link to get the file.

Q) What if i wanted a second or third format?

  • Simply, repurchase with the other format and the download will be added to your account.

Q) I have already purchased a format, but now want to buy all formats?

  • Unfortunately, their is no refund policy due to it being digitial content. So purchasing all formats when you already own the mp3 for example will mean you are buying the mp3 again but will also recieve the wav and flac format.

Q) How do i play the downloaded files.

  • When downloaded, the files will come in a zip archive. Use a tool like 7zip or winrar to extract the contents
  • Then use a media player depending on what OS you are on to play the audio file back.

Q) Can i remix the tracks from the downloads

  • No, please contact us if you wish to do a remix. 
  • Personal remixes tend not to be an issue, but if it is too be used commercially, then costs will be incurred.
  • Again Contact us before any form of using the music in your own production. Legal action will ensue if you do not heed this warning.

Q) Can i add the music to my DJ Set?

  • Yes you can

Q) How do i contact you?

  • You can contact us either at or
  • use our contact form link located in the footer of each page of the website.

Q) Why do i have to have an account?

  • Guest checkouts only work for physical items.
  • Having an account means you can get your downloads any time.
  • And since downloads don;t expire, you can get them when you want.