MS EP is out now for purchase. 

There is a reason it was not released straight away and that is due to one of the tracks having a missing wav file. This track is Spectral Light.
One of the hard drives containing the project data for MS EP Album is damaged and we cannot recover the data without sending it off to a recovery center and that costs a lot of money we do not yet have.

So what we have done is released MS EP as an album of MP3 only as it was in past in 2006.

But we do have Wave files for the other three tracks:

  • Apparition (Ghost Mix)
  • Essense Of Aether
  • Realignment

These high quality waves have never been released so this is the first time to hear these tracks without the compression of Mp3.

So if you only want the MP3's of the MS EP album, then the album will be your best choice.
But if you want the wave files of the three tracks mentioned above, then you will want to purchase each one individually instead of the album.
Apologies for the confusion as it has had us baffled how to release it also :P

Love And Light - Chi-A.D.

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